About Us

Our story began along the fertile coast of Del Norte County where the Pacific Ocean meets the Redwood Forest. For centuries local Native Americans used the area’s natural resources to cleanse their bodies and to heal. Inspired by this, AVREAL has dedicated itself to using “REAL” products found in nature that have been proven to refresh and protect your body.
Using natural spring water from the Siskiyou mountain range, Wild Yarrow found within the coastal redwood forests, and hand-harvested herbs grown from our own all-natural gardens, AVREAL soaps, skincare and haircare products are as close to the vine as you can get. Our formulas are developed to prevent damage and heal your skin's epidermis and hair. In a fervent pursuit of preserving the integrity of our organic beginnings, our ingredients are always unrefined and cold pressed to protect AVREAL's pristine quality without harsh ingredients.

Our commitment to natural formulation was inspired by our own complications after using off-the-shelf products that caused lymph node infections and left us questioning the manufactured ingredients we were putting on our bodies. Knowing that natural ingredients and vitamins provided the answer, we have remained devoted to turning nature and beauty into products you can trust.
With beauty, 
-Angela Reese
Founder & CEO